How do I find my correct size for the underwear?

You can find a size chart in the buttom of the webpage. Please compare existing underwear with our measurements and choose what is closest to your favorite pantys and bra.
If in doubt, go with the smaller size. Zora Balzar is running rather large. Especially the high waist stretches well in the waist area.

What is Zora Balzar underwear made of?

We use minimal silicone tape in particular spots of the bustier for better support. The yarn is not 100% cotton because it is harder to work with in production, it tends to tear. Same for performance.

How is the underwear dyed?

Our textile manufacturer in Lithuania dyes 100% environmentally friendly. The complete process, starting from production of cotton to dyeing the fabric are GOTS-certified and carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.We love the colour nuances that can be achieved with plants and also the ecological thought behind it! After long research, however, we found out that, above a certain volume, dyeing with plants can actually be more harmful to the waste water. Fixing the colour usually takes a metal mordant and incredibly large amounts of plant matter.
Many changes are happening in the industry lately. The commercial industry offers more and more plant-dyed options but very limited colours so far. We are constantly in touch with the experts to stay up to date for better possibilities for plant dyeing in the future.

Where does Zora Balzar produce?

The fabric is knitted and dyed exclusively for us in a GOTS-certified factory in Lithuania. The textile bales are then delivered by truck to Porto, Portugal to be sewn.

Are your photos retouched? How do you choose your models?

We do not work with professional models and value inclusion. We want to reflect the diversity of age, ethnicity and shapes in our society.Photos are only retouched in terms of brightness and exposure. Skin imperfections, hair or body shapes are never retouched.
Please bare with us if you don´t feel represented yet! We are constantly working in finding models. Please understand that it needs time to find people and organize photoshoots, we are on it! We see you.